Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Calipari...Where there's Smoke, There's "Fuego"

In the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty. That's the way it is legally. But in the court of American public opinion, many times that is not the case.

I'm still willing to give current Kentucky Men's Head Basketball Coach John Calipari the benefit of the doubt. However, past history with Massachusetts and the current situation with Memphis indicate that Calipari, in his ambition to win at all costs, is allowing improprieties to be committed by his players.

Allegedly, former Tigers and current Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rhodes had somebody take the SAT for him so he could get into school at U of Memphis and play basketball, a clear violation of NCAA rules as well as, I'm sure, the rules of the institution.

Now, another situation has come up. On Wednesday, reports surfaced that Memphis Forward Robert Dozier (who I saw play in high school for Lithonia High in Stone Mountain, GA) tried to get into Georgia. However, when he "took the SAT", his score was flagged by University officials because they thought it was "fishy." Dozier then tried to get into Memphis with no problem. Hmm, interesting. Could a ghost tester taken Dozier's SAT? Did Calipari look the other way? The investigation continues. Calipari has not been proven guilty. He is still innocent of allowing infractions to take place while at Memphis, but the smoke seems to be getting thicker. We all no, where there's smoke, there's "fuego." Mitch Barnhart (Kentucky AD), watch out!